Kids might have mixed feelings about going back to school. Some are excited about seeing their friends, while others lament the end of an exciting summer break. Whatever the case, it takes them extra effort to get back in the swing of things. But they have you as a parent to help them out.

It always helps to ease the pain of transition by getting everything your kids need to get back to school fully ‘equipped’ and prepared. No doubt, children would probably want to get far more than they need. If you cave in, the shopping list will start getting bigger exponentially. Check out the list of things your child needs not to feel embarrassed or grumpy. As a parent, you should be smart about what you buy and where you get them.


Lunch Box and Water Bottle 

Purchase a lunchbox and reusable water bottle. Ensure that the size is appropriate. If your youngster can’t fit them in the backpack, there’s no use in buying them. For your child to maintain their energy levels and stay hydrated, they need both. Choose the best grade possible to ensure that the materials are safe.

Lunch Box & Water Bottle

Pen & Pencils

Pens and Pencils

Considering that kids find larger pencils simpler to grasp and use, it makes sense to purchase more of them. Just confirm that the teachers at the school are okay with this. Your kids will be utilizing these a lot, so try to stock up on them. In particular, you ought to purchase a decent assortment of pencils.

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Other Classroom Essentials

Other Classroom Essentials

There are loads of classroom essentials you should put on your shopping list. Get erasers, highlighters, notebooks, rulers, scissors, note cards, binders, and other stationery items.  Some schools do a great job of reducing the need for many of these items, but the younger your children, the more of these they will need.

New Clothing

New Clothes

Go through the wardrobe to see what’s lacking. Your child may need several new items, such as tops, sweatshirts, jackets, pants, socks, underwear, and coats. It makes sense to buy some of these in bulk, benefiting from bargain prices or good discounts. When buying these items, you don’t need to break the bank. The priority is to buy stuff that will be comfortable to wear.

On some occasions, you might need to buy brand-new items. See if the kids of your siblings or friends have some clothing their kids no longer need. Thus, you can make significant savings.

Nifty Sneakers

Nifty Sneakers

Sneakers are a big thing, especially for boys. The older they get, the more they want to buy a pair of Jordans or Nike with a Lebron James or Steph Curry logo on them. Now, these are expensive. So, a good strategy is to keep an eye on good deals and discounts throughout the year. Sometimes, you can get a pair of great-looking high tops at a really low price in places you expect least. 

Recycled Items

It is also best practice to use recycled items. When doing your shopping, try to look for lunch boxes made from recycled plastic. The same applies to water bottles and utensils. Most of the other school supplies can be made of recycled materials. It is just a matter of taking a bit more time to verify the type of materials used. 

Before you decide to get a new backpack, see if you can easily mend it. If you buy a calculator, you can opt for a solar one instead of a calculator with batteries.

Miscellaneous Items

It is also a good idea to get cleaning items, such as wet wipes, tissues, and sanitisers. The recent pandemic taught us a lot about the importance of hygiene. Help your children get into the habit of cleaning the items they use or borrow.

Sometimes, it is better to buy an extra pair of pants or shirts if your children want to get changed between classes. If they take sports classes in school, you need to get a few sets of sportswear. Get quality products from reliable sports goods makers. You need things that last long and can be washed multiple times.

Wrapping Up

Getting school supplies and preparing your child for school can be an onerous task. It can also be an expensive one. Try to plan to avoid the trouble of scrambling by the time your child goes or returns to school. Identify a list of things they need.

Make sure you put all items in priority order. Figure out which of these items you should buy and which one you can get from your family members or friends. When buying things, buy only quality products clothing and footwear that your child will feel comfortable in.

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