With TEMU you can become a regular paid reviewer at home in your pajamas. Not to be worrying about getting dressed up and leaving for work early morning every day.

Earnings on TEMU are a reliable option that offers a steady income stream. TEMU allows free testing on high-quality products and ensures a quality marketplace that can be trusted. The company relies on product reviewers who can verify the listed product quality, keep a keen eye to see the details and critically evaluate a wide range of consumer goods.

To earn money on TEMU as a product reviewer, you must meet all the following criteria:

  • Age must be above 18
  • Residing in the same country as the TEMU marketplace you are applying to be a reviewer for
  • Must be aware of basic technology skills, including writing
  • Having a keen eye for the details
  • Be honest and comfortable while sharing your reviews, even about flawed products
  • Must be eligible to place an order, pay for and the delivery charges until your review is approved and you get refunded
  • Responding and submitting reviews by the requested deadline
  • Possess basic skills for high-quality photography and making videos of the products that describe the proper functionality

If you match the above standards, then you can apply for the below opportunities to earn money at TEMU

Product Tester Jobs

The company offers Product Tester Jobs at TEMU for trying TEMU products and reviewing. Out of a great range of products available each with an opportunity to make money, you can choose ones that interest you. Test a wide range as there is no limit set. You can make up to $5000 per month from a variety including electronics, fashion, gadgets and beauty items.

Simply sign up on TEMU’s website and start browsing through available testing products. Choose to work in your flexible hours. It’s an easy process by which you share your feedback and experiences with products that help to improve the shopping experience for future users.

Become an Affiliate

Affiliating allows you to post on your websites, or social media pages for TEMU’s products and share your feedback. Help people know more about the product so they know it before making a purchase. For this TEMU pays you well, your earnings can be up to $100,000 per month. Sign up on TEMU’s website and apply to join the TEMU affiliate program. On signing up the terms and conditions will be shared with you. After meeting the applied eligibility criteria, you will finally be engaged with the TEMU affiliate program.


Joining the Temu Affiliate program has lots of benefits. If you have an audience and can attract more users to Temu or introduce them to items they’re interested in you can share millions in commission.

Temu Affiliate Benefits

How it Works

Earning with Temu is simple, all you need is to simply sign up to their Affiliate program and start earning for every purchase made through your referral link or code. You can promote your referral link or exclusive code anywhere, however, you like.

How to Promote?

There are no limitations of promoting your Temu referral link, you can go all in and on board as many users as you can. More users/buyers is equal to more commission. A few ways I recommend are:

  1. Writing blogs on Temu and converting visitors into sales.
  2. Create Content on Temu products. Make YouTube videos or Insta Reels and Tiktok. TikTok is the fastest-growing platform and you can easily create and promote short-format content through it.
  3. Getting into Communities – Post your referral link and codes in communities. The best place to promote is Facebook groups, Reddit, and Forums.
  4. Telegram and Whatsapp Channels – There are many popular Telegram channels where you can promote your code or leave the referral link for people to click on. You can also make your own Whatsapp and Telegram Channels and invite people to join. Regularly post deals and hunt for products on Temu that are vial on social media.
  5. Asking friends and family – If you’re just starting out and don’t have a website or social media followers. You can also ask your friends and family to shop thorough your referral link. It’s a win-win situation as they will also be saving on their purchase you will also earn a commission.
  6. Bonus Tip – When shopping for yourself, shop from your own referral link. But don’t use the same account or device as it can blacklist you. {Shhhh…don’t tell anyone!}

Become an Influencer

An influencer can earn to monetize their content with TEMU-free products. Not only this, TEMU pays their affiliated influencers to review their products, share feedback and influence most people to shop from TEMU with their fan following. To become an influencer, you must have an Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube page with a huge range of fan following with organic reach. This follows with your past content and your following people. The more famous you are, the more you can earn.


Joining Temu affiliate program as an influencer has a lot of benefits. You get to monetize your content and earn through your social media. If you have followers on any social media platform you can create content and make videos on products from Temu. Share your thoughts with your followers, attract them to shop from Temu and save through your coupon code.

As an influencer you can earn up to $100,000 every month in commissions through your affiliate link and code. You also get a $300 balance on your account to buy products from Temu and promote/review them on your TikTok or Instagram or YoTube. Many influencers are already making thousands of dollars with Temu Influencer Program through their social media. It’s not that hard, all you need is to create good content.

Final Verdict

Temu is one the fastest growing e-commerce platforms giving tough competition to Amazon. Millions of users shop with Temu every day and it’s a good source to earn some money as well. Use your social media following and content creation skills to earn a couple of bucks from Temu. But don’t be worried if you don’t have either. Because you can also make some cash reviewing and testing products from Temu.

While it is a good side hustle for side income we don’t recommend doing it as the main source of income. You can pull $5 – $100 in just a few hours but it’s not sufficient and won’t last long. Although it’s still a good option for beer money.